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Marketing About Us

At Serve 1st Sports Marketing, we deliver world-class opportunities to world-class clients.

We serve the under-served by connecting them with opportunities.

We connect corporate brands with athletes with potential, enabling both to achieve their vision and goals

We believe that by shining a light on the service and leadership of professional players, we can help to create a more compassionate and connected world.

About Serve 1st

Building Your Brand

Achieving Your Vision & Goals

Centered at the union of athletes, content, brands, technology, sports teams, venues and live events, Serve 1st enables unending possibilities for the future icons and thought leaders shaping popular culture.

Our goal is to lead the way in diversity, advocating with industry buyers for talent from historically underrepresented groups. Serve 1st will increase the diversity of our client roster and our sponsors and always will.

As a client of Serve 1st Marketing, your brand is very important to us. In the age of social media, we have the tools and expertise to help you build an online presence that is tailored to you.

Our passion is matched only by that of our clients and we are committed to building amazing deals, facilitating new brands and businesses driven by our clients’ and sponsors’ ideas, concerns and events.

At Serve 1st, we are committed to becoming the most powerful and creative service company in the world, while remaining a force for good.

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