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Name, Image & Likeness

At Serve 1st Sports Marketing, we deliver world-class opportunities to world-class clients.

We serve the under-served by connecting them with opportunities.

We connect corporate brands with athletes with potential, enabling both to achieve their vision and goals

We believe that by shining a light on the service and leadership of professional players, we can help to create a more compassionate and connected world.

With the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights, athletes now have the ability to monetize their personal brands and capitalize on their marketability. Navigating the complexities of NIL can be overwhelming for athletes, which is where Serve 1st Sports Marketing steps in. We assist athletes in maximizing their NIL opportunities and achieving long-term success through our four pillars:


Serve 1st works closely with our athletes to develop a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with their values, goals, and target audience. This includes:

a) Brand Identity: Crafting a compelling and authentic brand identity that showcases our athlete’s unique story, personality, and aspirations. This ensures consistency across all marketing channels and helps differentiate the athlete from competitors.

b) Positioning and Messaging: Defining a clear positioning in the market and developing impactful messaging that resonates with fans, sponsors, and potential partners. This establishes a strong foundation for effective communication and brand representation.

c) Visual Branding: Creating a visually appealing and cohesive brand identity through logos, colors, typography, and visual assets that capture the athlete’s essence and appeal to their target audience.


Serv 1st has extensive networks and industry connections that can help our athletes secure valuable partnerships and endorsement deals. This includes:

a) Sponsorship Acquisition: Identifying potential sponsors and negotiating favorable endorsement deals that align with the athlete’s brand and values. We leverage our industry relationships and negotiation expertise to secure mutually beneficial partnerships.

b) Product Endorsements: Assisting our athletes in evaluating and selecting product endorsements that resonate with their audience and enhance their brand image. This involves careful consideration of brand fit, product quality, and long-term partnership potential.

c) Social Media Influencer Collaborations: Facilitating collaborations with relevant social media influencers and content creators to expand our athlete’s reach, engage with new audiences, and amplify their brand message.


Serve 1st Sports Marketing excels in creating engaging content strategies tailored to our athlete’s brand. This includes:

a) Content Planning and Execution: Developing a content calendar that aligns with the athlete’s brand strategy and objectives. This involves creating high-quality, compelling content across various platforms such as social media, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

b) Social Media Management: Managing the athlete’s social media presence, including content posting, community engagement, and strategic growth strategies. This ensures consistent branding, optimized engagement, and effective audience interaction.

c) Storytelling and Fan Engagement: Crafting captivating stories and narratives around our athlete’s journey, accomplishments, and community involvement. This helps foster a deeper connection with fans, leading to increased support and brand loyalty.


Serve 1st provides our athletes with valuable legal and financial guidance, including:

a) Contract Review: Assisting our athletes in reviewing and negotiating endorsement contracts, licensing agreements, and other legal documents to ensure fair terms and protect their rights.

b) Financial Management: Offering expertise in managing the financial aspects of NIL opportunities, including budgeting, tax implications, and long-term financial planning. This ensures athletes make informed decisions and maximize their earnings.

c) Compliance and Regulations: Staying up-to-date with evolving NIL regulations and ensuring athletes’ marketing efforts remain compliant with NCAA or relevant sports governing body guidelines.

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