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Group Fundraising

Our world-class athlete clients drive relevance with their personal connectivity to preferred non-profits via events, social media and pop culture. We work with our athletes and non-profits from planning to execution to maintenance. We exercise proactive thinking as we study and anticipate the everchanging sports landscape.

Our specialization is “group fundraising” for specific non profits where multiple players use their platform to raise awareness for the need for their recognized non-profits.

An quick example – Strikeout for a Cause, where a donation for $1 is generated for every strikeout.

Content Online Strategy

Social Media Impact

We enable our preferred non-profits and athletes to navigate and build on any trends in content creation, digital experiences and consumer behaviors driven by cultural changes and global trends with influencers, digital and content strategies, designed distribution and excellence in execution.

Social media has never been more relevant or in greater demand. Building on our industry experience, we remain committed to our mission: building relationships for underserved athletes, their sponsor brands and preferred non-profits to build awareness. We specialize in strategies that define and accent what brands stand for and keep their values aligned with the impact they desire to have in this social world.

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